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The MOSAIC Program  began in 2013, and since then, more than 200 teens from throughout Monmouth County representing a variety of belief systems and faiths have come together to learn, share, and serve. The youth that were engaged in this program not only learned about other religions and faiths but they also became more interested and knowledgeable about their own belief systems. This unintended result has been observed in other interfaith programs and is elaborated upon in Eboo Patel’s book, “Acts of Faith”. Patel’s book has also been a great source of inspiration for the creation of Garden State MOSAIC.

You can learn more about Eboo Patel’s work at: Interfaith Youth Core

Eboo Patel founded Interfaith Youth Core on the idea that religion should be a bridge of cooperation rather than a barrier of division. He is inspired to build this bridge by his identity as an American Muslim navigating a highly religiously diverse social landscape.  For over fifteen years he has worked with governments, social sector organizations, and college and university campuses to help make interfaith cooperation a social norm. Named by US News & World Report as one of America’s Best Leaders of 2009, Eboo served on President Obama’s Inaugural Faith Council and is the author of Acts of Faith, Sacred Ground and the new Interfaith Leadership: A Primer.

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