Entry Points are ideas and examples of ways to gain access to silence. They may spark your own investigation into silence. They are a continuation of the Suggestions for Practice in The Silent Source.

Essential Insights:

Explorers of Silence – a chronological data base of silent explorers throughout history and their discoveries.
The Cloth Monastery – an early on-site visit of the main Buddhist Monastery in Ulanbataar, Mongolia.
Zazenkai – a description of a retreat day of Zen Buddhist Practice
The Babbling Brook takes place in the natural setting of the Project.

Opportunities for Inner Exploration:

Mapping your Solitude – Here you will discover for yourself the types of solitude you experience and how you balance solitude with community – the ecology of your solitude.
The Velvet Garden – relates the first experience of solitude.
Listening to the River – tells the story of the birth of the Solitude Project.
Silent Duet – a couple visits a silent retreat center.
Wisdom about Silence – thirty wise people, from a wide range of traditions and paths, share their observations and insights about solitude and community. T
Solitude Tools and Practices- Here are possibilities for the exploration of solitude including solitude practices and internet research ideas.

Opportunities for Community Involvement:

Saving the Solitude – Opportunities to help save the quiet natural surroundings that promote solitude.