What is the Monmouth Center for World Religions and Ethical Thought all about?

Some Questions Frequently Asked of Us

What is MCWRET all about?

The central focus of the Monmouth Center for World Religions and Ethical Thought is to promote the understanding and acceptance of religious and cultural diversity to help create a more peaceful world.

Our explicit focus for the last few years has been “peace-building through interfaith dialogue”. For more information about the MCWRET, see our brochure.

How does the MCWRET promote interfaith understanding?

The MCWRET holds interfaith events that are open to the public. Our public events represent one of our core outreach tools. Through these events we aim to create increased interest, awareness and sensitivity among members of various faith and wisdom traditions. Some of our events, e.g. United We Sing ,  are designed to celebrate diversity. Information about our upcoming  and previous events are provided on this website.

The MCWRET website provides ideas and materials to help promote interfaith work, to expand interfaith skills, and to deepen interfaith knowledge and understandings. In the Projects section of this website you will find professional materials for planning community interfaith programs. Here you will find first-hand interfaith investigations and resources on solitude.  You can read personal accounts of spiritual journeys from different faith traditions.

Who leads, supports and participates in the MCWRET?

The MCWRET Board provides leadership for the organization.  The Board includes twenty or so active members from about fifteen different faith and wisdom traditions, including humanists, atheists and agnostics. The Board members meet about once a month to share perspectives with each other and to plan activities.  Our public events often spring from these discussions.

Friends of the MCWRET provide financial support and provide suggestions and support for public events.  We welcome all who are interested in advancing interfaith understanding and acceptance.

Participants in MCWRET events represent the wide diversity of the community. Participants come to enjoy our events and to learn more about other faiths and approaches to ethical thought.  They also typically bring energy and excitement, and new ideas our events.

What is the MCWRET relationship to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Monmouth County (UUCMC)?

The MCWRET is an adjunct organization of the UUCMC.  UUCMC provides meeting space for our Board meetings and for most of our events. The MCWRET has autonomy in its activities and programs, but we often collaborate with the UUCMC on activities of mutual interest. In addition, the UUCMC and the MCWRET publicize each other’s events of mutual interest.

Does the MCWRET collaborate with other organizations?

Yes. We collaborate with many organizations in the interfaith community to create public events like United We Sing.  We occasionally co-sponsor events and help to promote events from other like-minded organizations in New Jersey.  Co-sponsored events are typically listed on our website.

How can I support the MCWRET?

There are many ways you can support the MCWRET:

  • Become a Friend
  • Attend our public events and engage in dialog on interfaith topics
  • Join our email list,solely used to announce upcoming events
  • Mention our work to colleagues, friends and community members
  • Suggest ideas for interfaith programs to a Board member. Talk to a Board member about interfaith issues in our community
  • Make a donation to support our programs.  Donate now.

If I attend an event, will I be pressured to join?

No.  Our intention is to make you feel welcome and encourage you to participate. We are open to public involvement and welcome public input. At our welcome table, you are invited to join our email list so that we can keep you informed of upcoming events.

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