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“Why is a program like MOSAIC so important in today’s world?”

At each MOSAIC meeting I attend, I think to myself what if the world today, comprising the approximately 7.5 billion of us, was like one big MOSAIC meeting? What if every single person was this open and committed to learning about one another’s religions and their rich history within their communities?  It would take just a few short hours to sit down and understand the beliefs and customs of others which can be used to help make the world a better place.  This could even push us to give our time back to the community in the form of service projects that would benefit a particular group or benefit everyone. Personally, looking back on my prior MOSAIC experiences I feel that this program could impact communities significantly as I could already see the difference MOSAIC has made on me and within our small group.  Since we live in a more global environment than ever before, having already gained so much knowledge from learning about only a small sample of religions in the world, this can help enrich our lives in the future. It even helps us to improve our communication and social skills as human beings.  Although we couldn’t possibly be exposed to the estimated total of 4,200 religions in the world, we are given the opportunity to learn about at least 6 of them.

Due to my involvement in MOSAIC, not only have I learned new things about other’s religions, but about my own religion as well. Growing up in a Catholic family I am frequently being reminded of my religious beliefs and values- and being able to share them with others fills me with pride and happiness, as I would hope others would feel about their religion. MOSAIC is important because it teaches us to be tolerant, giving and open to something which in turn helps us grow as individuals and to give back to the community. We are all human beings, we are so very alike yet so different in many ways. We have our individual beliefs-we do not have to believe in one another’s beliefs, but we the MOSAIC are choosing to learn and accept them. And if I have the ability to touch one person with that belief system then I will make a difference in my future and our future. Each one of us will make a difference if we touch one life. We the MOSAIC are the future.

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